Why isn't he smiling ? He looks kinda pissed, at least I would be if someone tattooed my severed head around someones navel and make me smell (eat?) my mane for the rest of my life.

Probably Sea Horse

Or a legless zebra with a scruffy mane.

Shaggy With A Daisy

Im not sure if this is a tattoo, it looks like one and sure is ugly.

Neckless Tat

Let alone the technique, what is that ? 

Mad Hulk Hogan

And his famous shirt ripping move caught on a smb's leg, truly amazing

Hug Life

We all know 2pac's motto :

Here's an interesting variation :

And a bonus : 

[some words of explanation:

1. Hug Life is not "horrible" in the strict meaning of this word, it just fits into my collection

2.I know (hope) that the second one is not a real tattoo]

Monkey Love

If you find this romantic, you need to go and see a specialist.

Let's Have A Quiz 2

WTF is this ? Dice tapeworm around an eagle ? 

Four Eyes

The "Eyes at the back of the head" starts to be a tattoo topos, not the best one though


He clearly lives in a homogeneous white society when no one would kick his ass for being an idiot.

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (With a Snake)

None provokes me unpunished - Well, I will. This snake is awful, so is the sign. Is he trying to scare those who criticise his tattoo ?

Ouija Board

Halloween themed tattoo, invite this guy if you ever happen to lost your ouija board. 

Marie Marry Me ?

A step too far in the ongoing quest of unique engagement.

Paradise Lost

Dolphin, parrots, sea at sunset ... what else can you ask for, maybe a little taste but that's my opinion

Fuck You, Pay Me

The simplicity of these words is just astounding.


To understand this tattoo better lets look up this word in the dictionary :

Crisis  n.
a. A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point.
b. An unstable condition, as in political, social, or economic affairs, involving an impending abrupt or decisive change.
2. A sudden change in the course of a disease or fever, toward either improvement or deterioration.
3. An emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person's life.
4. A point in a story or drama when a conflict reaches its highest tension and must be resolved.

Psycho Mantis

I understand that it was a tough boss, but to tattoo him ? 

Fuck The Police

At least the police officer is happy.

Dragon (Of Some Sorts)

Just look at the exquisiteness of the fire.


King Koopa, Samus and what not. 

Dental Horror

The horror! The horror!

Flaming Eagle

Burn birdy burn. Please tell me that it was made in jail or I will lost any faith in the tattooers.

Male Portrait

"Please, don't hurt me"

Dragonish Snake

Hunched and pretty ugly one

Nissan and Toyota

Come on ! We all know that you can have only one stupid car logo tat, It's against the rules

Skull Bong

The history of this tat might have looked something like that:

"Hey dude, we're soo wasted, let's tattoo something"

"Like what?"

"Like, I don't know, wooooow, a skull, skulls are cool"

"Yeah, but normal skull is boring ... let's have a .... [dumdumdum] a skull bong"

Dead Smiley

Oh, my. This is preposterous

Happy Skull Neck Tat

Skulls aren't supposed to be smiling, bear guns, or have eyes, and definetely not to be tattooed on ones neck.

Curious Monkeys

101 uses for the belly button.

World's Greatest Mom

Well, maybe. But not the greatest tat.

Misspelled Tattoo

You bleed just to know your alive

The Green Man

At least I wish it was a Green Man, otherwise it must be a face in a lettuce leaf.


I guess he decided that labyrinth tat is lame so he added the pacman ghost to look cool.

Syringe And The Clef

Does this  syringe breaks on the clef thus saying "Music is mightier than injection" or is the needle turning into one and carries the meaning "The harmony of vaccine" ?

Mario & Luigi : GAME OVER

First of all, nice tat but I'm sure that there are better places for a "Game Over" tat than throat, imagine living with such a thing.

Fat Marilyn Monroe

I hope that the angle of this photo contributed to the overall unattractiveness of it

Submitted by JoLnapin, thanks !

Fairies And Some Geometric Rubbish

A proving ground for a tattooer 


The impossible has been achieved, Gollum the epitome of ugliness, even uglier

Bird Face

I'm still not sure is this supposed to be an eagle on his face or some feathers arrange so to imitate an owl or something.

+ the faded tiger on his forehead

Green Angel Mouse

I almost understand this tat, almost.

Let's Have A Quiz 1

WTF is that ? My guess "a glam rock chick on a pillow, trasfering her soul into the sword"

Crossed Skull

Do not combine skulls with crosses or you will get this kind of creepy pick-a-boo doubtful piece of "art" 

Here Comes The Sun (And A Moon)

Those are utterly horrific, no matter if it was supposed to be a sweet celestial body or just a kick ass hardcore skull-sun tat, it suck

Dead Bunny

The right way to say that Easter Bunny doesn't exist.