Libra tattoo

Libra tattoo flashI have been searching for free Libra tattoos, and it turns out these two Libra tattoo flash are the origins of all of them.
free Libra tattoo flashThis is a gratis variation of them by a new tattoo artist.
a Libra tattoo on the lower backHere is a tattoo realization of the common Libra sign.

Eye free tattoo design

complimentary tattoo design with two eyes inked on two sides of the shoulderThis post shows a gratis copy of an interesting eye tattoo design - it is like somebody is looking over your shoulder :).

Dragon tattoo design II

a free Chinese dragon tattoo design on the backChinese dragon tattoo is way cooler than the western dragons. Unlike western dragons being seen as evil creatures, Chinese dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers.

Bat tattoo design

a bat tattoo design on the backIt is really rare to see a bat tattoo - partially because they are usually not very pretty.

Dragon tattoo design

a dragon tattoo design on the shoulderA typical dragon tattoo design on the shoulder. The Chinese dragon usually go with the flood and cloud.

Angel tattoo design

an angel tattoo design where the angel is holding someoneAn oil painting like angel free tattoo design. In this tattoo, the angel seems to be holding someone. Maybe it is interesting to see what tattoo is on the other side of the body.

Gemini tattoo design

a free Gemini tattoo flashThe essence of Gemini tattoo design is just two symmetric symbols. There is also some very interesting Gemini body painting on a girl's two legs:
a Gemini body paintingBTW, if you have heard of the Knights of the Zodiac,the Gemini Gold saint cloth is really cool. Here is one real copy of this Gemini Cloth:

gemini gold saint clothAnd it is supposed to be wore like this:
a sketch showing how to wear the Gemini gold saint cloth

Half demon half dragon tattoo design

Half demon half dragon tattoo designAnother piece fantastic work from Andy Shou! The horn of demon and the body of the dragon connect seamlessly. The visual balance and the overpowering feel are also impressive!

Libra tattoo II

free Libra tattoo design with star around itThis is a typical Libra tattoo for men. The things around the zodiac sign may represent the star.

Libra tattoo design

libra tattoo, star, feminine tatttoosThis free Libra tattoo design is obviously for girls. In the next few posts, I will introduce more Libra tattoos.

Cat tattoo design

cat tattoo design, X-man tattoo, cat ladyA cute cat free tattoo for girls. It is interesting how the body piercing can create this kind of light and shadow effects. This tattoo is also a good approximation for the cat lady in X-man.

Lion tattoo design III

lion tattoo, wisdomatic, humaneThis lion tattoo is even more human than the previous two, and wisdomatic. On this body art (seems to be on the chest), the lion is kind of old.

Lion tattoo design II

lion printable tattoo, inkAnother lion free tattoo design. Compared to the previous lion tattoo, this one is relatively more humane. You can almost sense some sadness from this body art.

Lion tattoo design I

Lion king free tattoo designLion King finally got his crown in this tattoo design. It is amazing how advanced the piercing technique can develop.

Coin tattoo design

coin free tattoo designA coin free tattoo design. The four characters on the coin mean "fortune is coming in". That is probably the reason the tattoo need a net to keep all the fortune.