Robot tattoo design

robot mechanical arm tattooThis free tattoo design shows a robot's arm integrating with human - a sci-fi dream.

Coin tattoo

coin tattoo design on the backThis free tattoo is like the coin made in a gift shop, or it could also be a stamp - like something on slaves :)

Phoenix tattoo design

phoenix tattoo design on the armA beautiful free phoenix tattoo design on the arm. It is actually hard to see as a Phoenix, but the typical feathers show what this really is.

eyes tattoo design

free eye tattoo on the ankleAn eye tattoo on the ankle? In addition to an eye, does this tattoo look like a Sanskrit character to you?

Eye tattoo design

eye tattoo on the shoulderAn exquisite, totem-like, eye tattoo. It makes me wonder what is on the other side of the shoulder

Buddha tattoo design

smiling Buddha tattoo on the armThis free smiling Buddha tattoo design is called Maitreya (Sanskrit), Metteyya (Pāli), or Jampa (Tibetan), is a future Buddha of this world in Buddhist eschatology. In some Buddhist literature, such as the Amitabha Sutra and the Lotus Sutra, he is referred to as Ajita Bodhisattva.

Full back tattoo design

full back tattoo designAmong all the body art categories, full back tattoos are among the most impressive and the most hard-core. They always draw your attention the second you see them - especially with vivid colors like this flash.

Arm tattoo

arm tattooA wonderful piece of free tattoo flash from Andy Shou - a brilliant Taiwan tattoo artist.

Chinese character tattoo

Chinese character tattoos on the backIt is really cool to have some Chinese characters inked on your back, especially with the relief effect. These characters are hard to recognize though - I only identified the last one, which means Buddha.

Armory tattoo design

an arm armor tattooThis free tattoo flash shows an interesting idea - get an arm armor inked on the arm. Some people are inclined to have the needs to be protected, or at least the feel of being protected. This art piece is perfect for them

Dragon tattoo design

black dragon tattoo on the backFor a long time I have only posted Chinese dragon tattoo, finally here is a western dragon. Which dragon is better? It is hard to say. I know one thing for sure - western dragon is on the dark side.

lovers tattoo design flash

lovers tattoo with angel wing and heartAnother example of lovers tattoo. This tattoo piece integrates all the love elements - heart and angel wing (maybe guardian angel). The only thing weird is that although it is perfect for a girl but a little girly for a guy.

Lovers tattoo design

lovers tattoo with angel and demon
In this free lover tattoo flash, the girl has an angel wing tattoo while the boy has a demon wing - forbidden love, hah?

Star tattoo

star tattoo on two sides of the shoulderThis free star tattoo shows a really cool idea. The star on the left is like a passage to another space and a skull is entering our world through it. The lightening sign on the left of the tattoo is like the one in the Harry Potter.

Fairy tattoo design

a fairy tattoo design on the lower backIn contrast to the previous one, this is a typical girl's tattoo - fairy, lower back.

Eagle tattoo design

a girl with an eagle tattooIt is really rare for a girl to have a eagle tattoo. Since the piercing process is painful and the stereotype for tattoo is not so girly, feminine tattoos are always small, pink, cute. This free eagle tattoo is exactly the opposite - it is big and tough.

Libra tattoo variation

a Libra tattoo design variation on the back with girlfriend's initial on the two sides of the scaleA very cool Libra tattoo design. Notice the L and Z on the two sides of the scales, maybe it is his lover's name initial. This is a cool way to combine your zodiac sign and your lover's name.

Lovers tattoo flash

free lovers tattoo as two fishes on the wristHere is a pair of free lovers tattoo - they are two fishes inked on the wrist. Lovers tattoo are sweet, however, probably people should think twice before doing that. If unfortunately, the the couple breaks, it would look stupid to still have the tattoos to remind you of your ex's. If that is true, you would need a tattoo removal.