Tiger tattoo design

tiger tattoo designs on the arm
Another brilliant tiger tattoo work from Andy Shou. There is never any vivid colors in Andy's tattoos but the tattoos themselves are so vivid. Amazing techniques!

Arm armor tattoo design

armor tattoo design on the upper arm
This tattoo piece shows a very cool idea - it got a renaissance style armor inked on the arm. Some people want to have tattoo to give them protection spiritually - this one serves this purpose.

Phoenix tattoo design

phoenix tattoo design on the leg
A cool phoenix tattoo design. There is also a collection of phoenix tattoos here in this blog.

Opera face tattoo

beijing opera face tattoo design on the leg
The free tattoo design is a painted face male role in Beijing Opera. Beijing opera boasts 15 basic facial patterns, but there are over 1000 specific variations. Each design is unique to a specific character. The patterns and coloring are thought to be derived from traditional Chinese color symbolism and divination on the lines of a person's face, which is said to reveal personality.

Lotus flower tattoo

lotus flower tattoo design on the leg
A lotus flower tattoo design - usually associated with purity or Buddha.