Buddha hands tattoo flash

Buddhist hands tattoo flash
A printable hands tattoo flash - the pray gesture for Buddhist.

Portrait tattoo

god portrait tattoo on the arm
Another portrait tattoo design featuring an ancient god.

Photo tattoo design

portrait of the daughter inked on his arm
This free tattoo design is interesting - it tries to copy a photo (maybe of this guy's daughter) on his arm. Totally cool.

Lower back tattoo design

totem-like lower back tattoo
A tribal style lower back design, also like a totem.

Koi tattoo

koi tattoo design on the hip
Koi is a very amazing creature in Chinese culture - it can transform to be a dragon when it fights hard enough. That is why koi tattoo is kinda popular in China

Dragon tattoo flash

full back dragon tattoo flash
A sharp dragon tattoo flash - for full back purpose.

Eye tattoo

eye tattoo on the leg
An eye tattoo on the right ankle - very weird place.

Wolf tattoo

wolf shouting at moon tattoo on the chest
Wolf and moon, a very popular theme for tattoos.

Dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo design on the leg
Not very easy to see that this is a dragon tattoo.

Cat tattoo

free cat tattoo design
Is this really a cat? probably more like a cougar tattoo

Angel tattoo

a muscular angel tattoo on the back
This free tattoo shows an unusually muscular angel, which is not common since angel is considered as sexless.