Green Goblin

Well, I hope it's a green goblin and not someones mother-in-law or something ..


I guess it was supposed to be sexy, instead it's just ugly (+ the wonderful stars that look as if the tattooer was trying out color samples) 

Granny ?

Seriously, WTF is that ? 

Drago-Tiger Ying-Yang

when a seamingly "kewl" idea turns out badly

Another Amerindian

Another victim of this horrible fad.

Brandon Lee (The Crow)

The horrifying factor here, comes from the picture selection. There are hundreds of cool pics of The Crow, but this guy chose the happy-smiling clown like one, with Brandon shiting or watching TV ...

Femalish Creature

Rule nr 1. before you get a tat (either in prison, tattoo parlour, or from a weird exhibitonist who steals your cutlery while you sleep) , make sure that he or she can draw better than a preschooler.


It isn't the worst tat in this collection but the fact that someone tattoos himself his/hers face among some waves and balls is just horrible (or is it Mr. Spock ? That's my second hypothesis ).

"Why ?" Heart

Probably it was supposed to be a deep philosophical tattoo, which cannot be understood sober. Instead we have  a shitty one.

Rude Girl

Yep, the tampon theme is alive and kicking, accompanied by a gorgeous "rude girl" skull. 

P.S. Since when do skulls have lips and eye lashes  ? And do I see a band-aid there ? 

Valentine's Day Bonus

Horribly true.


It is hard to depict depths in the face structure, but this tat is so wrong that you need a good dose of investigation to make out the age, let alone the sex.

Taz Tattoo Collection

First  of all, you have to be drunk to get a Taz tattoo, but you have to be blind drunk to get it screwed. 

sources for this post are totally random so I will list it here, here, here , here and here


Or rather a wolverine-like blob, c'mon. How can you screw an X-man tat ? really ...

Good Tat, Bad Tat

"Are you sure that my tattoo will look exactly like this one ?" - "Sure, sure relax..."

Burned Lions

I know that those are supposed to depict lions but Blake's poem fits perfectly here.

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright
In the forest of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?


Jezus With Thunders

Yep, sometimes you wonder if there is anyone on this planet capable of getting a retarded Jezus tattoo, and yes. Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

(Thanks a milion Lila for a horribly wonderful source, from which I will publish for some time now)

Cat Angels

You may consider it fantastic. I considder it horrible, thus welcome to this blog tattoo.

After the Groundhog day

We all know the famous groundhog, but did you know that there are tattoos of him ?

And that's the tattoo of him, or at least it looks like Phil, doesn't it ?