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dragon tattoos Dragon Tattoos For Men

If you're currently planning on getting a tattoo and you're wondering if you should get a famous tattoo theme such as the dragon, then you should first ask what do dragon tattoos for men really signify. A quick look at the this mystical creature can tell us what it really symbolizes.

Dragons were perceived in the ancient times as a creature of power, strength and fear. They were highly valued for their war-like qualities and they were often portrayed as protectors of treasures and wealth. Kings and knights in armor had to slay a dragon first before they can get the most coveted treasure. This can be a metaphor for a period in a life of a person where in he has conquered a certain dragon in his life, maybe a big hurdle such as a life threatening disease or something life-altering.

Although there was a period in history where they terrorized people and were used as a symbol of demonic relevance, we cannot remove the belief that dragons were seen as valiant, brave and courageous. They are great creatures that can invoke either fear or braveness from a person, the only one who can tell which quality is being drawn out from himself is the person in question.

During the medieval period where people slayed dragons, it was a representation of a spiritual victory and it was then that a dragon was used a symbol of faith and selfless courage.

The dragon is also perceived as a free and fearless creature so dragon tattoos for men basically represents having a free, bold and daring personality.

But out of all the many meanings and symbolism of dragon tattoos for men, the best and most popular representation that people have adopted is the dragon's symbol of strength and power. A dragon tattooed on your upper back or shoulder or arm can signify power and protection. Perhaps the tattoo bearers sees the dragon as a powerful protector and thus he is invoking some power from the creature.