2011 Tribal Tattoos Designs

So you want a tattoo. You have your eye on one of those impressive tribal armband . They are nice. But whatever tattoo you chose, you want it to compliment you. Not insult or demean you. are as old as mankind. Ancient Egyptian found on 5,000 year old mummies predate the pyramids. But ancient weren’t just for adornment or self expression like today. They often served more practical purposes. They often had a spiritual significance, ancient warriors used them to declare their military affiliation and rank. On civilians denoted social rank and importance, or lack of same. For example, the Greeks placed on their slaves that broadcast the fact that the bearer should not be accorded the rights of a freeman and was in fact another person’s property. While Greek spies used in espionage to smuggle coded messages in plain sight.

better than fingerprints, and unsurpassed for identifying them in a noninvasive manner at a distance. And despite the fact that wearing one gang’s tattoo in another gang’s territory could get the wearer killed. Again, traditionally can show devotion.